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Frequently Asked Questions

+What is Benefie?

Benefie is a smart software program which you download onto your computer as an extension to your browser or as an app onto your mobile device. It will allow you to receive a refund in cash, on all purchases you make online, on all stores connected to the program.

+How does Benefie work?

Once you have registered as a user at, you will get a discount that is paid to you as a cash refund on all purchases you make at any of our connected stores. Click here to see the stores.

If you are not yet registered member at, you can easily create a new account by clicking here.

+Where does Benefie not work?

Please note you will not get a refund on purchases in stores that are not connected to the Benefie program. Also, do not use additional promotion codes or discount coupons that do not come from us and were for instance sent by the specific store in their private newsletter. In such a case, the program cannot recognize you as a Benefie user for this purchase.

+How can Benefie give me money back?

We have signed agreements with many online stores that pay us a commission from their sales, because we have recommended you, and many others, as customers. We want to share this commission with you and split this evenly with you.

+How to download and install the Benefie appliation?

Videos instructions

Click on the button for which browser you are using:

+Will the Benefie extension affect my computer?

No, the Benefie browser extension is harmless to your computer and contains no viruses, and is safe to download.

You will not notice any change in performance of your device as the Benefie extension consumes very little computer resources, once installed.

+Does it cost anything to be a user of Benefie?

No. Use of the website or mobile app are totally free. Click here to get the Benefie extension.

+How much refund will I get?

All stores have different rebates/discounts that will be paid to you as a refund. Click Here here to display the amount of refund that each store is offering.

+How can I ensure that my purchase is registered with Benefie?

In most cases the purchases are registered without a problem. To minimize the risk that your purchase is not registered, here are some healthy tips to keep in mind:

  1. 1. Your browser must allow cookies. All browsers support cookies in the default setting but if the settings have been changed so that cookies are not supported, we cannot track your purchase.
  2. 2. Keep away from websites that offer discount-coupons, different gift-certificates or rebates while using Benefie. These sites normally use the same type of technology to track purchases and if you are on both at the same time there is a risk that the tracking is being disrupted - and you will get no refund from Benefie.
  3. 3. Do not use coupon/rebate/discount codes that is given to you by someone else than us.

If you have any questions regarding this, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]

+How do I get my money paid out?

At any given moment you can view and monitor your already and currently pending refunded amount in your member area profile at

Pending amounts are shown as indicative amounts to be credited to your account as soon as we have received the money from the respective stores. After that you can get immediate access to your refund-money in your so called Benefie Money Account.

+How long will it take before I get my money?

Once you've made a purchase, it can take a few days before your refund will appear in your Benefie account. This delay goes back to the stores internal procedures to avoid that no purchases are made through fraudulent means. The amount of refund can after that be seen as “pending” in the pending section, until the time when we have re-confirmed the purchase and subsequently received the commission from the store in question – to share with you. At that time, you are free to use your refunds as you wish. Every store has different times for a settlement of executed purchases, and in some cases the pending status can remain for up to 2 weeks because of the delay in pay-out from the store. Do rest assured that we do everything we can to speed up this process so you get access to your refund as fast as possible.

If your purchase is still not registered within 1 week, please contact us on [email protected] together with the order confirmation number you received with the purchase – and we will assist you.

+I cannot log into my account?

If you cannot log into your Benefie account at and if you do not get an email with a new password, please contact us via [email protected] from the email address that you used when you signed up on

1. Please first check your spam mail. 2.Try to register again. If the problem persists, please contact support

+How does it work with coupons and rebates?

Do not use discount codes that you haven’t received from Benefie. If you do that, there is a risk that your purchase is not registered with us. Purchases made by an unauthorized discount code can be denied afterwards even if the purchase is recorded at time of purchase.

+I have made a purchase via Benefie but it does not appear on my account. What do I do now?

It can take up to several days before your purchase is visible but if it doesn’t after 3 days, there may be different reasons why your purchase is not registered with us.
A couple of reasons we cannot track the purchases:

  • 1. Your browser does not allow cookies. All browsers support cookies in the default setting but if settings have been changed so that the cookies do not work, we cannot track your purchase.
  • 2. You have used a coupon/rebate/discount code that does not come from us.

If none of the above is true in your case, we ask you to forward the order confirmation you received with the purchase, to [email protected] and we will help you.

+What happens if I return a purchase I received a refund for?

If you wholly or partially return a purchase that is qualified for a refund, we will adjust it on your account.

+Why has my purchase been denied?

When a store refuses a purchase, we get no compensation from the store and cannot give any refund. There are several reasons why a store refuses a registered purchase; Cancelled orders, returned goods, unauthorized discount codes, duplications are some reasons.

With duplication we mean that the purchase is registered with a competitor of us who use the same type of technology for tracking purchases. That means you have visited some discount-website, and/or price comparison site in connection with the purchase. Refund might then be credited to the competitor.

+I have a question that is not answered here.

Send an email to us at [email protected] we'll make sure you get help as soon as possible.

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