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The total amount of discount/rebates generated during a month - that you previously missed out on - will now instead be sent to you in cash at the end of each month. Simple as that!

Welcome to the future of online shopping!

This is how it works!

Benefie is a new smart way to get money back when you shop online!
Choose among thousands of products in our many associated online stores worldwide and we will automatically register your every purchase and refund you for each product you buy. Forget searching for discount codes, rebate coupons, promotion codes or links. Benefie will do all this automatically for you and assist you to get the discount/rebate you are entitled to - all the time!

Do it for a good cause!


When you as a user are receiving a refund, Benefie gives you the possibility to easily donate this to charity! You manage this from your dashboard.


Each individual transaction might not be of a significant amount to you, but gathered by many transactions and aggregated over a year, it could become hundreds or even thousands of dollars!

The refund you get is money that you receive because of Benefie and is money that you did not know you could receive. Please think about the difference you could make by donating part or whole of your refund to a charity that helps the world!

If you have the desire to donate your money to another charity that is dear close to your heart, please send us an email.

As soon as we have enough users with the same desires, we will add that organization as an option.

Lots of global online stores available

We constantly add new stores to our listings for you to choose from. If you don't find your favourite online store in our lists today, we're pretty sure you will soon


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  • is simple to install
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  • gives money back to YOU

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